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…when emotions rule, tragedy strikes

By Shingirai Vambe

Trending on social media, is the tragic end of the love life of two young Zimbabweans who at one time loved each other.

The story reads like a tragicomedy, one feels sad, the next moment one is confused why one would try so hard to attract that which is not set to be attracted?


One privy to the two commented that the two had an on and off relationship.


The lady seem to have been interested more in the material life, no one can judge, maybe, that is what was on offer. Infact, the sad ending is a lesson for us the living.


It is Day 3 now, with the social media being awash with comments and opinion following the splashing of money in the make it rain set at Ximex Mall, where the lover boy, Tafadzwa operated from.

The Mall dealers are identified through fashionable clothing, spanky rides and high spending.


Tafadzwa, known as Boss Pango, stems from a 2017 Court case where he was tried for possession of a pangolin, a protected species. He was arrested while trying to sell a pangolin at Chisipite Shopping Centre.

Here is one guy who treaded even risky waters for the greenback.


He had a tragic end, shooting his girlfriend Samantha Tapadza, known as Sammy and later committing of suicide in his locked car parked at a family friends house in Shawasha Hills.


In a widely circulated audio the day Tafadzwa shot the girl, he said he had done everything possible in the material world, pampering his girlfriend and her parents while Sammy is alleged to have been having another affair with a married man.

He even bought her a car to lure her back.

Lessons drawn from the sad love story are of from comments and opinions by Zimbabwean citizens regarding the now deceased and others who may behave in the same manner, this publication compiled a few of the chats.

Why did Tafadzwa, in the first place decide to commit an offence, killing someone he loved?

Why did he decide to take out his life again, an unconscious act?

So many times reported and unreported, including high rates of divorce cases in the country’s High Court is reportedly to be cases of infidelity, satisfaction and demands.


What has led Zimbabwe to this kind of life, miles away from the cultural beliefs and order of making marriage a life time thing far from the material aspects that are associated with single mothers and girls in town, probably a duplicate of foreign life style?

Our government has tried to equate the rights of women to men which had its own consequences but failing to address the need to maintain as well as being there to raise kids together as a family for a greater future.

The rate at which men also abuse women has gone down and as a result one is forced to leave or may decide to move on, in most cases, it has had its own painful challenges, of parting with valuable assets, children to mention just a few.

The Tafadzwa and Samantha scenario is by way, a true reflection of the effects of the economy facing the country.

One gets into a relationship for material benefits, which are very obvious, to survive.


Most women have abused their roles as women and lost integrity only to get an extra dollar into her pocket, for fame and compete with other girls in town.

Men have decided to leave their families, going for slay queens for different reasons which include sexual satisfaction.

As if it’s a normal case, young men are going for older women who have money even when they are married so that they also leave a flash life and put an extra cent in their pockets.

Married women with wealthy husbands claim their man don’t have time for them or are failing to sexually satisfy them thus the look for younger boys.

This is happening globally, as times are changing and people are facing different life situations which are being addressed differently.

The pressures of life are but catalytic components to decisions being made by people on a daily basis. The Learnmore Jongwe case, though political, also started and ended with his wife being the one to blame.

Comments from the recent murder case point out that Tafadzwa was supposed to ignore and move on.


Some said this was a lesson to young girls who take their lovers for granted while others blamed both parties for failing to appreciate each person efforts towards the relationship, either to unite or go separate ways.


Opinions differ, so as facts, with some arguing that the two are no longer here to defend each side.


Only the two knew what was going on. If it was not for the audio done by Murengwa, who would known that Samantha received a car and other gifts as a sign of showing remorse and or spent a holiday in Victoria Falls together?

Would one receive gifts from someone he/she does not love?

The other aspect of the relationship highlighted in the audio, trying to explain how life has changed with its difficulties, is having parents being part of children’s relationships for either material gain and or support of both.

Most parents have compromised the future of their children, either to maintain the legacy or benefit from the marriage and this has been derived from the old African culture and Johanne Marange apostolic sect, which the law is fighting to abolish such practices.

Due to poverty, young girls have been offered to wealth families as wives as a means for survival and this has damaged the integrity of the girl child, affecting their health, mental state and education.

A rative case, are that of the allegations being raised by Australian based Susan Mutami.

Would Susan want to settle in life, having one man and their kids after her experience from the 35 male counterparts she has slept with?

This would be the same question one would ask to ladies of the night and the answer would be, for survival.

Women or girls from secondary level want to drive good cars, use expensive cellphones, and buy clothes and food using money from their so called boyfriends who either are married or may want to marry.

If one doesn’t have money to spoil, it’s difficult to be in a relationship with the woman he loves.


Why did Tafadzwa pull his gun on this particular day and not on the day he saw her going and coming from the lodge with the so called another boyfriend?


Being patient, hoping one day would be a happy day for both parties, but isn’t this the same kind of situation that has led to high recorded cases of divorce in the High Court, our past experiences have always haunted us even into the grave, like the Tafadzwa and Samantha scenario, their works and deeds have led and followed them to the grave.

As a people, our greatest joy and our greatest pain come in our relationships with each other, they are like glass, sometimes its better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together like what Tafadzwa was doing.

However, it is sad not to love but much sadder not to be able to love which has led Samantha to meet with her creator  in such a horrific movie style shooting.

Two lives prematurely gone, a lesson to the living.