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A First For Content Creators As Two-day Indaba Roars

By Shingirai Vambe


Zimbabwe online content creators, journalist and reporters are set to meet, following the setting up of Provincial committees around the country.


The first of its kind after years of adopting and adapting to current digital wave, the initiative is being supported by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory of Zimbabwe, (POTRAZ). Players in the industry prepare to engage and share ideas during the upcoming two-day workshop.


Part of the training and engagement will include revenue generation, use of modern technology, internet tools, safety and security of journalists as they conduct their work around the country.


Speaking with few practitioners ahead of the meetings, they told Post on Sunday that they are more than ready to participate and expecting a successful and fruitful business engagement.


Zimbabwe is one of the first African countries to have a television channel, due to lack of creativity, motivation and political will, the industry has now been overtaken by technology and social media is now a source of information across the globe.


Content creators keep growing since early 2000s when innovators created applications which made people communicate and access various digital content using internet through computers and mobile phones.


POTRAZ being the regulator, has managed to support the cause, where mobile operators are making lots of money through content created locally, it has promoted the hackathon competitions and now content creators around the country benefit.

POTRAZ Director General, Gift Machengete


Majority of practitioners have failed to realise any revenue with their content due to a number of challenges which the workshop intends to address, share and improve.


On behalf of the leadership, Toneo Rutsito expressed his gratitude to POTRAZ for the support in closing the digital gap which has since widened comparing with other African states and Covid-19 leaving content creators with a zeal to be innovative.

“We are excited about the upcoming event as it opens up new opportunities between online content creators and Potraz, it is our hope that this meeting will spark symbiotic and sustainable projects to support all members as we seek to professionalise the craft of online journalism,” Rutsito said.


The workshop is expected to run for 2 days, 15 and 16 of this month in Mashonaland West Province and full participation of players in the industry is expected to usher in exciting times.


The digital possibilities are endless and innovation with content can be a lucrative career for those with a knack to find new horizons.