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Aljazeera Documentary,A Bombshell Exposing Those In Echelons of Power

By Staff Reporter

It’s a big day for Zimbabweans as Aljazeera release a privately filmed documentary on Gold Mafia in Zimbabwe, having the first part already exposing the self styled prophet, Uebert Angel and Henrietta Rushwaya, president of the Zimbabwe Mining Federation and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).

Angel was appointed Ambassador at large responsible for seeking trade and investment opportunities between Zimbabwe, America and Europe after President  Emmerson Mnangagwa got into office in 2021.

Earlier arrested at the Robert Mugabe International Airport, after she was found in possession of 6kgs of Gold on her way to United Arab Emirates’ tourist hub Dubai when she was intercepted by law enforcement agents., Rushwaya  is heard saying she can clean US$5 Million Dirty Money weekly on a rotational basis.

In Episode 01 of Al Jazeera’s documentary titled Gold Mafia, Angel who is the presidential envoy to the Americas and Europe calls Rushwaya and asks her if she can sell gold to one Mr Stanley who has dirty money.

The documentary which most Zimbabweans had lost hope after its airing was postponed, has left many thirsty to see and listen more of what happened in the corridors of power for the past 4 years. illegal deals in the film are implicating the first family, Mnangagwa, his wife and two children.

The first part was released on the Aljezeera youtube channel early this afternoon, and Angel is heard saying Mr Stanley would send a private jet every week to collect the gold, and leave the money as in another deal Angel and Rushwaya secured in Dubai.

Earlier exposed by Zimbabwe Journalist, Hopewell Chinóno, it is alleged Rushwaya has strong links with the first family.


From one deal brokered by Uebert Angel, the mafia is required to pay U$10 million in dirty cash to Fidelity Printers and Refiners. The clients would get 100kgs every week less four per cent from international price. That means they get at a 4% discount.

Set conditions find the fidelity printers and refinery as a complicity to these dirty deals, Rushwaya told Angel over the phone that US$5 million will be held at Fidelity for the duration of the relationship between the mafia and Zimbabwe. She added:

They get gold worth US$5 million every week. They take it out. Bring another US$5 million. If they are bringing US$20 million, US$10 they put into Fidelity.

This means half of the amount will remain with Fidelity, Rushwaya would clean US$5 million weekly as usual while the remaining US$5 million would be cleaned by one of her companies.

Some authorities had already responded, squashing the documentary which believed to be in 4 parts, exposing those in the echelons of power, together with the reserve bank of Zimbabwe, being implicated of playing a role in money laundering.

The mafia was laundering ten million a week.

From the information already in the public domain, communication between the Mafia shows, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) members received US $59 million dollars from the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ). it was dirty money.

In the documentary, two RBZ employees are said to have worked with the Mafia, in buying gold in the country

On its twitter handle, Aljazeera wrote, “Gold is one of Zimbabwe’s most valuable natural resources, but the industry attracts criminals who smuggle gold on a massive scale to four different gangs that control the flow of gold across Africa,” Aljazeera said.

During their conversations, it is heard, you can easily open an account for them under one of your many companies. We are the only sector in the country that is paying in foreign exchange on cash basis.

According to the Al Jazeera documentary, the Zimbabwean Reserve Bank is involved in money laundering mainly because the southern African nation is under sanctions.

The governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, Dr John Mangudya recently said there are no sanctions on Zimbabwean exports and imports adding that the southern African nation could export gold freely.

However, the documentary says gold cannot be traced, unlike cash that’s why Zimbabwean authorities prefer illicit deals.

United Arab Emirates is their plane, EK714 in business or first class, says South African Airpot employee, who helps the cartel to move gold from Zimbabwe to Dubai.

All white dealers captured on Airport CCTV with track records of traveling from Dubai, South Africa and Zimbabwe more than 10 times, dealing with Aulion Gold Company which directly deal with fidelity Printers.

Angel says he has a company called Billion Group which he owns. He says the company is in Zimbabwe, operating in Zimbabwe. He says when individuals with dirty money come, they just approach Billion Group instead of approaching someone they don’t know.

These fake companies, cartel and money laundering deals are costing the country approximately US $1 billion every year, say Citizen Coalition for Change and Zimbabwe Member of Parliament Tendai Biti.