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Political Temperatures Rising In Makoni West

By Staff Reporter

Common in the dirty game of politics, those once voted would want to remain in position of power through any means possible, rather they would want to rise through the ranks and become presidents one day.

Africans are rarely seen submitting their resignation letters, for failing to perform and or produce desired results, instead there is a recycling method of cabinet reshuffles in each and every administration and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema say, SADC is an old people’s club.

As Zimbabwe prepare itself for the harmonised election, the ruling ZANU PF party is set to hold its primary/internal election this Saturday.

Members from the party will battle it out amongst themselves and a lot has happened for the past weeks, every aspiring candidate campaigning to be voted in, gunner in support to be a councillor and or Member of Parliament candidate come election time.

As campaigns continue, the ground in Makoni West is fast getting to be tense with 3 male counter-parts standing chest out and shoulders square the whole constituency.

Jenfan Muswere, Moses Ruwona and Mhiripi.

Makoni West Aspiring Member of Parliament candidate: Moses Ruwona

The current Member of Parliament for the constituency, Jenfan muswere is hitting the road running, campaigning and making donations, as minister of ICT, making parastatals donate on his behalf as a campaigning tool.

Muswere has a rival who has been making inroads in Makoni district, Moses Ruwona who woke-up yesterday hearing his name has been removed from theĀ  running candidates list.

Ruwona is said to have rushed to the party’s headquarters to find out what would have happened to his name, and he is now back in the race.

He told this publication that a candidate, clandestinely removed or made his name to be removed from the list of candidates contesting in Makoni West.

“Our party is an organised party, which shun corruption and likes to see things happening transparently, so i would like to urge people to vote without fear or favour, i’m in the race all the lies being sold to the people of Makoni, they are all lies,” said Ruwona.

Earlier Ruwona donated goods worth over US $3000 at a local clinic in the constituency he wish to represent, Muswere is alleged to have demanded those goods to be returned. Nurse-In-Charge of Toriro Clinic was immediately suspended for receiving the building material.

Building material bought by Moses Ruwona for completion of Toriro Clinic.

Ruwona told this publication that, Makoni West is his home and his desire is to see development in the constituency, addressing challenges that have risen over time with the little resources at his disposal.

Villagers who spoke to Post On Sunday said the young man, (35 years) of age has stood the test of time and the little he has done for them so far, he deserve to be their representative in Parliament.

He is drilling boreholes, working on road maintenance and supporting the elderly in various wards and communities.

He told this publication that he only need 5 years of working in Makoni West, “How can one donate laptops and computers at a school were there is no a computer lab, its the computer lab first, solar power or electricity then computers, most above all, clean drinking water for the people and ablution facilities,”added Ruwona.

He also promised to build schools, every 3km there must be a school and a clinic, that is the government policy of building an upper middle economy by 2030.

Zanu PF Primaries will shock many as new faces are appearing on the block. young men and women are taking over and running with the party vision of living no one and no place behind.