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Mamvura Lodge A Complaint to JSC, NPA, Police And ZACC

By Staff Reporter

Ex-Wife of Zimbabwe’s marketing specialist, Douglas Mamvura, has lodged a complaint to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), Zimbabwe Republic Police National Headquarters (PGHQ) and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC)  over handling of case 231/22 where she is a complainant against her ex-husband.

Tendai Hlupo-Mamvura wrote a letter of complaint to four state institutions on how her case of fraud and forgery, RE state vs Douglas Mamvura 231/22 P.P REF 8575/22 was handled by the Police, the Prosecutor and the Magistrate.

Douglas Mamvura

“I formally lodge a complaint against the conduct of the judicial officers handling the matter and register my displeasure,” wrote Tendai Hlupo- Mamvura.

Tendai alleges that her ex husband, Douglas Mamvura forged her signature on documents he used to access a loan.

In the letter that this publication has in possession, its states that, Douglas was summoned  to appear in court on November 15 2022, but he defaulted. A warrant of arrest was issued but it was inexplicably not pursued and prosecuted.

The complaint to four institutions carry names of officers whom she accuse and suspect played a part for the case to be where it is now.

“Before the Court date, i received a call from the investigating officer, Constable Courage Mutepaire, notifying me that the case has been postponed from November 15 to December 15 of the same year when it was actually a lie and my assumption is that, the officer wanted me to be in default and the matter be dismissed,” Tendai said.

“Secondly, during the time we were waiting for the hearing, the Prosecutor, Tinotenda Masimba, told me that the service on the accused person (Douglas Mamvura) was faulty as he was served the subpoena through telephone, and the matter cannot proceed. After requesting for the record, i then discovered a physically properly signed copy of service of the subpoena which had been served to Douglas Mamvura on October 31 2022,” added Tendai Hlupo-Mamvura

Hlupo said in her letter that all these efforts were meant to mislead her and the Courts.

After insisting on these findings, the Magistrate issued a warrant of arrest on November 15 2022.

Tendai wrote and said it was her expectation that she would be summoned by the court regarding the matter but to date nothing of that sort has happened.

“It is therefore my understanding that the accused is a fugitive on the run and cannot be be located. however, he is not and is available at his given address, our former matrimonial home,” said Tendai Hlupo-Mamvura.

It is further alleged that Douglas Mamvura has failed to pay maintenance for his 2 children and spouse since 2016 as ordered by the Courts.

Mamvura was ordered to pay maintenance of  ZWL $300 for his two children and ZWL $1500 per month for spouse support, medical and funeral cover. The amount is equivalent to US $1.80c.

Tendai said, “Given the foregoing, i am requesting that you urgently look into the matter and investigate the officials handling the case. i have been greatly prejudiced not only by the fraudulent conduct of the accused but by the inexplicable delays to process this matter to its finality”.

JSC, ZRP, ZACC and NPA have acknowledged receipt of the letter awaiting their response.