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We Engaged With ZEC In Terms Of Procurement Ahead of Elections-PRAZ

Any delay or shortfall in the procurement or distribution of electoral materials or timely receipt of required services can have serious implications for an election, potentially affecting its schedule or even outcome.

By Shingirai Vambe

Harare-There are concerns in the electoral body, ZEC’s procurement processes which often led to delays in distribution of electoral materials or timely receipt of required services.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) recently held a voter registration blitz which got extended by 4 days after the electoral management body encountered a lot of hurdles including running out of carbon paper.

Commenting on the saga, Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe, CEO, Clever Ruswa told the Post On Sunday Newspaper that they had already reached out to the Electoral Commission ahead of elections, stating the Authority’s role in the procurement processes and timelines thus planning ahead of time so as to avoid the electoral body bungling again.

PRAZ CEO, Clever Ruswa-pic by Shingirai Vambe

“We told ZEC, knowing that we are getting into an election period, they know what is required, whilst there is still time, they should plan and make necessary procurement and avoid last minute rush. We are often accused of delaying the process, now that we are engaging in sensitisation programs, we expect better,” Ruswa said.

He added, the process is the same, the period of time required as stipulated in the Act is still the same time, they should do their procurement in time and avoid shouldering the blame to PRAZ.

ZEC submitted its budget of ZWL $130 billion to conduct elections this year, the budget include availability of necessary stationery , voter education, registration, capacitation of officers and mobilization of resources.

Political analysts who spoke to this publication said shortage of material to use in an election process is perceived as a way of rigging a free and fair election. Lack of transparency and operational failures reduce trust in the process and challenge one of the rights to vote.

Meanwhile, the Commission is accused of failing to uphold the constitution and Section 136 the Electoral Act which specifically illegalizes 8 different types of vote buying.

This has been manifesting much in the build up to the Zanu PF primaries slated for this Saturday.

Team Pachedu also said ZEC is not doing anything about vote buying violations as stated in section 165 (c) (i) of the Constitution.