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…author dedicates book to prominent lawyer Thabani Mpofu

By Own Correspondent

A 190-paged book written by a youthful Seventh Day Adventist church pastor tackles a variety of political issues including how cartels are literally running  Zimbabwe.

The Poor Men’s Cartel was penned by Munyaradzi ‘Angero’ Savanhu and has been described by political and social justice activist, Rejoice Ngwenya that it ‘gives hope’.

“Reading the Poor Men’s Cartel gives you hope ;a feel-good thing that abusive, self-centered, corrupt and arrogant systems are actually illiterate, more so, their thumb permanently welded to the self-destruct button,” writes Ngwenya in the book’s Foreword.

The author, Munyaradzi Savanhu, laments how cartels controlled the levers of power.

” Cartels controlled all the arms of state. Resources were looted at freewill. Law enforcers were personalised and patronized.

“The Cartels determined who lived, ate, breathed and who did not. They were playing the monopoly with the national resources. Any  free man who walked in the streets had a price and risked his privacy bought,” writes Savanhu.

This resonates with how most political activists have been protesting that the country is being run by a Cartel. This was later vindicated in the popular Aljazeera documentary, #GoldMafia.

Speaking to this reporter, the author says the book is based on his personal experiences and what is currently obtaining on the ground.

“As writer most of the time we write what we live and what’s happening in our community, church and the country,” Savanhu said.

He says for speaking truth to power, he has been threatened and subsequently lost employment.

“Because of my resolve to speaking against evil. I have been threatened even in my own church.
” I also lost my job but I am determined to keep on writing about these issues, “added ‘Angero’.

The youthful pastor heaped praises  on fellow congregant and lawyer, Thabani Mpofu for standing with the downtrodden in the face of the Cartels.

” I have so much respect for my brother Thabani Sibangani Mpofu for his exemplary bravery and courage in the fight for justice and equality.

” He walks the talks. I have seen him standing with the poor both in word and practice. Thabani has been hated, demonized and even his life has been threatened for his solid stance against injustice. However, he has stood his ground as reflected on all his social media handles, “Savanhu saluted.

This book is the fourth after The Nationalism Gospels, The Era of the African Child and The Price of Sugar.