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Summary on Electoral Amendments


Adopted Issues

1. Partial Adoption of Amendment to delete clause 2
Definition of Identity Document in the Electoral Act to remain so that Driver s licence can be used for the purpose of voting

2 Amendment to Section 21 of the Act relating to inspection of voters rolls by deletion of “ within a reasonable time “ and substituting it with “ within 5 working days”

3 Amendment of Section 47 of the Electoral Act relating to nomination fees by insertion of a new subsection stipulating that the nomination fee shall neither be exorbitant or inhibitive but reasonable enough to allow an eligible citizen to stand for election for public Office

This will make it easier to challenge the fees gazetted by ZEC

4 Amendment of Section 35 of the Electoral Act on the service of Election Petitions

Other Amendments made by the Minister

Refinement and corrections made to issues related to PR which are not applicable to the the youth quota as it only relates to one person so the reference to formulas etc were misplaced

Issues accepted in principle but deferred to allow for refinement and appropriate placement

1 Gender Rotation on the youth quota

Parked Issues

1 Proposed amendment of Section 10 of the Electoral Act to specify that political party activists are not seconded to ZEC
2 Proposed Amendment to provide for automatic voter registration, mandatory blitz and issue of assisted voters as well as access to the voters rolls by nominated candidates

3. Making copies or photographs of voters rolls during Voter Inspection and the modalities of access to the voters roll during the inspection period as the pasting of the roll outside the inspection centres is not specifically provided for in Section 21 of the Act . There is a need for amendments which clarify all these aspects

4 Issues related to delimitation which may need a separate act

5 Issues related to the printing of ballot papers

6 Issues related to the introduction of a tactile ballot paper to allow visually impaired people to vote without assistance
7 Diaspora Vote

8 Code of Conduct to give power to the Commission to deal with transgressions

9 Code of Conduct to deal with the media
10 Proposed amendments on accreditation of election observers
11 Proposed amendments on Assumption of Office by a new President Elect

Rejected And Withdrawn Issues

1. Amendment to Clause 2 relating to disqualification of candidates convicted of specified offences

2 Amendment of Section 9 of the Electoral Act proposing removing of Ministerial approval on the dismissal of the Chief Election Officer and employment of staff

3 Proposed amendment of Section 17 A relating to elaboration rights to voter registration
4 Proposed amendments on the retention of voting returns
5 Proposed amendments on electronic transmission of results personally by the presiding officer

6 Proposals on extending Postal votes and reintroduction of special votes

7 Proposed amendments on the abuse of public funds

8 proposed amendment in relation to Election