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Artiste Applaud Availing Of Community Radio Stations

By Artwell Sithole

Artistes in Chipinge applaud move by the Government of Zimbabwe (GOZ) through Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) for availing two community radios, Ndau FM and Vemuganga FM in Chipinge.

They regard the move as a gesture that will promote talent in Chipinge and beyond.

Speaking to the Post On Sunday, Palmer Simango, the founder of Blackroots Studios at Rimbi said the coming in of radio stations advance local talent.

“We nurture local talent at our studio and the coming in of Vemuganga and Ndau FM is helping put local talent on the map. Chipinge has more than two hundred youths who are involved in music industry and shall receive publicity through the community radios,” said Simango.

He went on to say that they were also pushing the campaign against drug and substance abuse through music and sports

“Drug and substance abuse is a thorn in the flesh in Chipinge and we are using music and sports to denounce it. Sports keep the youth occupied and give them time to share ideas,” he added.

Blessing Sithole, a music producer from Vheneka said the coming of community radios is equivalent to marketing local talent.

“Chipinge has talent. We have our own version of ‘Fantan and Levels’ but we were lacking publicity. this development is showcasing local talent. Musical competitions on the radio will encourage local artistes to be more creative,” added Sithole.

Wonder Chipanga popularly known as Willow Chips in the music industry said he was humbled to hear his music being played on air.

“There is nothing as interesting as hearing your songs being played on radio. I wasn’t expecting that to happen sooner considering the area I reside. Tainga tajaira kuteererwa muzvimabhazuka zvinezvi taa kubuda pamphepo, tinobonga (We have transformed from backyard play to radio air play),” he said.

Women are also happy. MimieGodzi, a young female artist appreciates the publicity women are getting.

“Chipinge is a patriarchal society, everything is deemed to be for man but I am happy that as a woman I also getting coverage of my music,” she said.

Vemuganga Community Radio station manager Mr. Claris Madhuku said the community radio will save the local interests

“The community radio is for us and no one will be left behind. All the programmes to be played on the radio are local driven. Seventy five percent of the program is local content. The community radio is not there for profit making hence everyone has an equal opportunity to participate and promote the vibrant of the community radios,” he said.