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Life Alignment Organization Fights Substance Abuse

By Faith Chimutsa

Life Alignment Organization (LAO) is taking a leading role in the fight against drug and substance abuse that has wracked the country’s young generation by raising awareness about on the effects of drug and substance and the importance of rehabilitation.

It recently embarked on a public awareness campaign in Mufakose aimed at ending the drugs scourge with the campaign running under the theme “Say No to Drug”.

Speaking at the drug abuse awareness campaign, Anti Drug Advocacy Forum(ADAF) director, George Kutyairipo who was the guest speaker revealed that the scourge of drug and substance abuse is real worldwide and LAO takes the situation seriously.

“In this South African country, children and adults are indulging in drug and substances abuse at an alarming rate. As a result families struggle with poor health,crimes , truancy, violence and suicide.

“Drugs and substance abuse is no longer an individual problem, but a national concern that needs collective intervention from parents, churches, law enforcement and teachers,” said Kutyauripo.

LAO secretary, Danai Vhazhure said the organization have been affected by the growing problem and they are offering counselling and other programs to end this problem.

She promised that the organization has a role to play in the fight against drug and substance abuse through awareness campaigns and education.

Parents and guardians are encouraged to spend too much time with their children sharing ideas, doing some family discussions .

“Raising awareness on drug abuse is critical in empowering teenagers to make informed decisions.It is only through joint efforts involving parents and children that this problem can be tackled. We hope that such dialogue between parents and children aids better communication,” she said.

She added substance abuse is a complicated bane that requires all hands on deck to win the battle.

“We need to continue to give support and another chance. It is never too late,” ended Danai .