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NetOne kick starts Countrywide Albinism Awareness Campaign in Gokwe

By Faith Chimutsa

Having invested in creating a sustainable future for all Zimbabweans Zimbabwe’s telecommunications giant, NetOne, continues with its Albinism Campaign with a country wide tour to spread awareness of the rare albinism condition that some of our colleagues live with daily, starting with Gweru and Gokwe.

NetOne has placed itself as a national leader when it comes to issues to do with Corporate Social Responsibility and Community based projects.

NetOne this Wednesday hosted an awareness campaign at St Agnes Institution in Gokwe, and the on Thursday in Gweru.

At the 2 separate events, the company shared some Christmas cheer with the Albinism community in form of a mini luncheon with refreshments.

The community also received hats, lip balms and sunscreen lotions.

Gokwe is a community that has been marginalized in many areas. It is a common light moment talk to equate being backwards and marginalized with the word “Gokwe”.

A statement like “Are you from Gokwe?” would be an indication that whatever you are doing or saying seems not to be in line with modern ideologies or thinking.

“NetOne has been our all-weather partner in spreading awareness of the condition,” says the organizer of the event Mr Tendai Mutomba.

“Not so many organisations have partnered, NetOne has not only been supporting but they have also taken a step to do their own initiatives to support people living with albinism,” added Mutomba.

“Help me ladies and gentleman to thank NetOne Cellular for taking a positive step towards reaching out to marginalized communities” Mutomba concluded gratefully.

The Gweru campaign was a well-attended function with glitz, glam and lots of fun.

“We would like to thank NetOne for remembering us year in year out. We feel warm because of the love that we get from NetOne. Our skin condition is not by choice and we thank the mobile operator for providing sun-hats and sunscreen lotions to improve our health. Walking around and working is made easy for us as these creams provide protection against the scorching sun. We have so many of us that are suffering from screen cancer because of prolonged exposure to the sun without screen protection or sunhats,” said one Samantha, who lives with the condition.

“The awareness campaigns that the organization is running across the country are also part of the national mantra by the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, his Excellence Dr E.D Mnangagwa ‘Leaving No One or Place Behind,” says NetOne Group Chief Executive Officer, Raphael Mushanawani.

“These campaigns are meant to fight stigma and societal stereotypes. Indeed, will not leave any place behind,” Mushanawani added.

NetOne CSR strategy hinges around uplifting previously marginalized communities including the Albinism community. The organization’s thrust is to put end to such a ‘social-ill’ as they believe ‘Albinism is not a curse; it is just a different skin pigment.

Living with Albinism does not disqualify one from enjoying the privileges that are inscribed as human rights.

As part of creating a strong CSR brand, NetOne, this year has done number of awareness initiatives and events around the country. These include: commemoration of the International Albinism Awareness Day (Masvingo, Manicaland, Bulawayo, Mash-West), Mr & Miss Albinism Southern Africa 2023 (Harare), Clean-Up Campaign (Mash-West), and other initiatives in Matabeleland, only to mention a few. Last year the company celebrated talent and diversity here in the Midlands.