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Musangano – Mutare Tales marriage in revival splash

By Branton Matondo

Mutare Tales, an art enrichment event for artists across Manicaland fulfilled expectations this past Saturday as art fanatics and artists danced to the tune of traditional music while feeding their minds on well done portraits.

The two day event featured by 20 artists started on Friday, the 3rd of November and ended on a high note on Friday at Musangano Lodge, approximately 40,8 km from Mutare CBD.

Mutare Tales creates an environment where talented artists express themselves, engage with audience and receive mentorship.

Mutare Tales Co Founder and Musangano Lodge Owner Birgit Eggert told this publication that Mutare Tales is in the process of revival following disturbances caused by Covid 19.

“Yes, there is still a long way to go. We had performances in 2017 and 2018 here at Musangano Lodge. Right we have revived Mutare Tales after it was dormant during Covid 19. We started with 3 sessions in Mutare and they are basically going to be continued on a regular basis  where artists actually have a chance to perform and engage with the audience.”

Eggert added that Mutare Tales this time around was packaged to equip talented artists with the necessary skills on how they can monetize and market their art.

“The interaction course carried out on Friday was basically on marketing and monetizing art. How do l source funding, cost calculations, and artist profile. It’s a process of awareness that we have already started and we expect artists to continue with that.”

Popular Mutare ensemble Deze RaWasu, WaChari and Mutare Samanyanga (Uprising spirits) where some of the major highlights during the perfomance session.

Fine art using paint was also on the cards. Chief among the showcasers was seasoned painter Edwin Hlatywayo.

His fine hand painted expression on whispers of women tears caught the eye of many. His contribution speaks of an artist who is dear to uplift the feminine voice.

“The feminine thought has always been at the center of my heart. As someone who comes from a rural background, Chipinge picking up such themes is different and interesting.”

Hlatywayo, who has been an artist for close to a decade lamented added that the only way to make it in such a tough art situation is to keep going.

“The idea is to keep going because we are not pushed by money but by effort. All those people who made a mark in art had to give their all. This is a  passion driven industry.”

Final art exhibition saw Edwin Hlatywayo, Bernardo, Charles, Godknows Pomerai, and Tatenda Gwarada display their art.