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Netone Subscribers Fume Over Missing Credit

Staff reporter

Zimbabwe telecommunication giant, Netone cellular allegedly failing the test of time, as the first and oldest mobile operator in the country accused of deducting ZWL airtime from its subscribers each time they credit.

The company has over 3,5 million subscribers probably losing between ZWL $200 and $400 respectively, depending on the amount of money the subscriber credit his or her phone.

In an effort to get to the bottom of this anomaly, Netone team claim it should the out of bundle blocking (OBB) system which is currently not working.

This publication communicated with the Customer Care team, visited the Netone shop where the OBB system proved to be facing problems and when one is connected on WIFi mobile data will be off.

Subscribers have communicated and tagged the mobile operator, Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority and the responsible Ministry of ICT on their X, formerly twitter handle complaining and to this day, no response and address has been made.

Zimbabweans have complained of the high cost of mobile airtime, which the regulator insist is cheap comparing to other countries globally, however, subscribers claim they are not getting value for their money across the telecommunication divide.