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US$600 Mission Fund Illegal And Unconstitutional-Gov

By Shingirai Vambe

The Government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE), said the US$600 mission fund being asked by the school authority from form one and five students is illegal and unconstitutional.

MoPSE minister, Torerai Moyo told the Post On Sunday Newspaper that Government did not approve the fund therefore it was illegal to request of demand parents to pay.

“Any levy should get Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education’s approval. The figure of $600 is illegal and unconstitutional” Moyo said.

St Faith High School students this Wednesday walked 14km from the school to the Ministry of Education District office in Rusape in demonstration of the fund and suspended headmaster, Anold Makamba.

Provincial education Director, Edward Shumba, confirmed the incident.

“We have also received complaints that they had dismissed the head without the authority of the ministry, and we believe that this was illegal as we are in a tripartite agreement between the Public Service Commission, the Ministry of Education and the church hence they should have not made such a unilateral decision. The SDC Committee was also dismissed when only the secretary of the ministry has the power to dissolve the SDC. Given these decisions, the students went to demonstrate” added Shumba.

St Faith’s students demonstrating against the US$600 Mission Fund, walking their way to the district office in Rusape

In videos and pictures that went viral on social media, students are seen holding placards inscribed, justice for Mr Makamba, The church is abusing us while others seeking for the President’s attention on the matter.

Students and parents allege that the fund is benefitting only a few individuals and the bishop of Anglican Church in Zimbabwe, while neglecting the school which has old dilapidated classroom blocks and dormitories.


As students peacefully walked and demonstrated to the district office, police officers from the dog section, Rusape released the dog towards the students and few were left injured and bitten. they were taken to the hospital where they were attended.

After the fiasco, all parties were summoned to appear at the Ministry’s office in Harare, and the agreement and directive was to bring sanity at the school for students to learn while other issues are being looked at.

“The Ministry on Thursday met with the members of the Responsible Authority, (the Anglican Church); the school Development Committee an MoPSE officials (Head Office, Provincial and District Offices). During the meeting, all sticking issues were resolved amicably,”the statement reads.

However, the released statement by the Ministry is full of ambiguities.

The responsible authority, the church allege that the headmaster, who is currently on suspension coerced students to publicly demonstrate, his dismissal failed to meet the required standard procedures.

Such is the situation in many schools in Zimbabwe, with many cases going unreported.

The ministry has since met with various stakeholders, private schools and colleges, mapping the way forward in bringing harmony between the responsible authority and parents. Permanent secretary, Moses Mhike told this publication that its no-longer business as usual as Zimbabwe Government looks forward to adequately capacitate district offices and the education sector.

Mhike said most school are operating illegally and they need to regularise, while registered schools are not following government policies and as the responsible ministry, government will not hesitate to take corrective measures.

There are 54 mission schools in Zimbabwe, having some built around 1900 and they have lived their time.