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Upcoming Gospel Songster Releases Muripo Jesu

By Martin Muleya

Upcoming female gospel songster Blessings Manyara recently released an exquisite gospel song which is excitingly gathering speed.

The gospel song Muripo Jesu is negotiating its way into the music scene with it’s heartwarming and affluent lyrics which comprehensively articulate nothing but sublime biblical message.

The young self-effacing and meek vocalist unleashed the song Muripo Jesu, which talks about how God keeps us everywhere we go.

That is in hard and good times, God is there to take care of us.

Blessings musical journey dates back to her High School period at St Columbus High School in Bulawayo, where she joined the Church choir as a soprano. In those days she achieved level one piano playing.

“One of the things I was known for in the church is that I would translate songs into different languages, because I loved the unity it brought in our praise and worship.

“This is something I have Incorporated in this song as I have included Shona, English and Ndebele in my single Muripo Jesu”, said the soft-spoken musician.

Asked about where she got her inspiration and motivation, Blessings cited Shingisai Suluma, Janet Manyowa and Sharon Manyika, all are renowned gospel artists in Zimbabwe.
Internationally she drew inspiration from Mary Mary and Ntokoko Mbabo.

For a dream collaboration, she cited Pastor Gee and Takesure Zama.