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Ganhi Decides To Settle At ZPC Hwange FC

By Tafadzwa Mpofu

As he needs time to freshen up his mind for the season, personal unpreparedness gave him less time to weigh options and mounted himself with pressure which he failed to handle.

Ghani was linked to some premier league teams including Triangle FC, Manica Diamond FC and Bulawayo City FC after his contract with ZPC Kariba expired at the end of 2019 season.

Ghani signed a one year contract with ZPC Hwange FC and feels playing in division one can make him relieved and allow him to have time to make the right decision.

“I’m not in need of too much pressure this season. I was very low at the start of the year 2020. May the Lord help me as I am in need of refreshing my mind.

“I think there will be less pressure playing for a Division One side and as a player, now Im in need of a club were I can have game time so as to come back to my normality.

“I didn’t get enough time to weigh the premier league options I had but I think by mid season I will be ready for any premier league team. I wish to be in good state of mind by mid season,”said Ganhi who seems to be regretting the time he lost.