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Sunjazz Musician, Mareva,Releases Single

By Ronnie Chisamba

Popular local musician Wellington Tinarwo Mareva (50) yesterday officially released his latest sunjazz music single on social media platforms titled Zvanditambudza.

The Shona track exposes man-made adversities which perturb an individual whose endeavors are to succeed in an African society.

Recorded and produced by the famous Tapiwa Jera (famed for working with the likes of Baba Harare and Mathias Mhere) at Maselo Studio, zvanditambudza is a song of lament, the affected person seeks to find answers to the unfortunate developments which result in the multiplication of enemies due to attempts to succeed in life, an African story told through music.

Mareva and his 7-men band, all former police band crew, the Mupandawana Knight Riders are the founders of a music genre: sun jazz – a fusion of sungura and jazz.

Mareva made his entry into the music industry as a drummer and lead vocalist in the police band in 1992 and has released 6 albums so far which include Vabereki Vakakosha, produced at Prince Tendei Mupfurutsa’s High density Studios in 1998.

“Aaron Chakanyuka and the late Tongai Moyo, my schoolmate at Mbizo High are my sources of inspiration” said Mareva.

Portia was one of the tracks on a compact disk titled Farai Neidzi which was released by Mupandawana Knight Riders in 2001.

The move to the sunjazz genre is an effort by Mareva and the band to embrace diversity in music.