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By Obert Siamilandu

Zim-danceHall artiste Seh Calaz yesterday admitted his love and passion for the late Zim dance hall chanter Soul Jah Love music.

Speaking on ZiFM’s Judgement Yard ,Seh Calaz said
“I was Souljah love number 1 Fan because of the talent which was in him.

“Souljah Love was where he was as an artiste because he took his time
to shape and develop his career and the Zim-dancehall genre in general.

“People might say I had beef with Jah Love,thats not it.The beef between me and him which fans talk about was an artistry skill meant to promote our works.

Our real life was full of joy,love and support for each other.

He said unlike what the media reported about him and the late,their relation-ship was like that of twin brothers.

“My relationship with Jah Love was intact.
Where people talked of Jah Love,they talked of me.

“Me and Souljah love were like twins.

” I encourage all of us not to celebrate people when they die but most importantly when they are still alive,” said Calaz

He thanked Promoters such as Chipaz and RokaFella for the support which they Souljah love up to the day he passed away.

“I want to thank Chipaz and RokaFella for the fatherly role they did to Jah Love.

Soul Jah Love died on Tuesday at Mbuya Dorcas Hospital in Harare after a short illness and will be buried on Saturday at Warren Hills at 11am after being confered a Liberation Heroes Status.