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Local Film Ngozi To Premiere On Africa Day

By Sharon Chigeza

PRODUCERS of a new local film,Ngozi , to premier next week on Africa Day, have roped in Manicalands film directors, writers and actors in a drive to push the brand Manicaland through the arts industry.

One of the producers, Martin Makaya  told Post On Sunday that the film, part of a joint venture under DreamValley Studios was aimed at promoting local talent in the province with the hopes of making Manicaland a leading province in film production in the country.

“Plans are underway to produce a number of films under the merger by incorporating more talent from the province Manicaland but not limited to such.

My casting method is based on one’s power of expression, be it through their voice or facials. Whilst we did an audition, more of my casting was cultivated from interacting outside of the audition. It allows me to imagine a hundred possibilities in someone from what they give in their natural state. Nevertheless, I also love those willing to go beyond my own judgement ,” he said.

Makaya also said he saw a lot of potential and untapped talent around to which he is willing to unlock in the future as well.

” I feel I have unlocked a lot of potential and have discovered even more in the actors. So a lot is to be done. Some will even be tried out in comedy in future,” he said.

He said the film touched on issues of perpetual oppression and how it ends up in an endless cycle if not addressed from the root.

Lead actor, Leonard Tsikira

“Ngozi is about perpetual ‘oppression’. It is meant to teach people that by destroying one’s life, we destroy many more over time and the innocent suffer the most,”said Samakaya.

The 15 -member cast film stars Leonard Tsikira, a Diamond Fm radio personality who plays lead role as ‘Choga’.

It is set to premiere online via Castlly on May 25, from 00.00hrs Central African Time.This is Makaya’s second project after their 2019 debut, mini series Hondo.