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Mother of MDC Member Recounts Tale Of Unending Horror

As The Country Prepares for 2023 General Elections

Own Correspondent

As the country prepare for by-election and 2023 general elections, cases of intimidation, attacks and torture are supposed to be addressed for free, fair and credible elections.

Various groups and members of the society have called out for an independent judiciary and state security  operations away from the political discourse.

Post On Sunday recently visited a victim of political violence torture and intimidation in Mberengwa and narrated how she is surviving even after the 2018 disputed election.

Pain was scribbled all over her face as she narrated the events she has encountered in the hands of the police.

which seems never to end.[Moureen asked us not to publish her image]

From 2017 until now Moureen said she has been called over to Gweru police station countless times, she recalls when she was even handcuffed and held in the cells for hours just because she was late due to transport problem.

Moureen resides about 200km from Gweru, she is forced to comply so she travels all the way whenever she is called to come in, sometimes they send in local rural police randomly and she thought it is because of the Covid travel restrictions that are in place.

Moureen has not been part of any political party.

Zanupf supporters in her area have excluded her from getting food from the NGO [Care International] which gives out food to the poor in rural areas.

In 2017 Moureen’s son Mr Blessed Mtinsi pictured, a member of the MDC is said to have fled the country in fear for his life after having been arrested and tortured several times.

Mr Mtinsi was known to being an organizing secretary in the MDC Gweru district and he would encourage the youth to register to vote against the government.

During that time demonstrations against the crippling economy were at large as the country was heading for elections the following year 2018, Mr Mtinsi was accused for inciting and involvement in the demonstrations which are claimed to have led into public violence in July of 2017.

Tears drop from Moureen’ s eyes as she goes on to say “all my son wanted was change for better life for people but they accuse him for things he didn’t do, they keep coming because they believe l have information about where he is”.

This will never end she said and claim police recently visited her to search her house.