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Chief Chipuriro welcomes Afrochine Mine In His Area

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Mashonaland Central’s Chief Chipuriro has called his people to embrace and welcome all legal investors that would want to work in his chiefdom without considering color, creed or race.

This, he said amid complaints by his subjects in Muzarabani against Afrochine Mine , a Chinese mining company set to begin chrome mining and processing in the Matusadonha mountain range.

The area is under his jurisdiction and not under Chief Chiweshe as has been claimed by some rookie journalists recently.

He said the mining company will operate in the area with his blessings and has since been granted rights by the government.

“Investors bring development and jobs in our communities.

We would want more here, in the sectors of either mining or agriculture as long as they do their operations above board as is going to be done by Afrochine,” he emphasised.

He said the Mavuradonha wilderness in which Afrochine is going to mine for chrome lies under his jurisdiction and not under Chief Chiweshe as the former claims.

” That is Chief Chipuriro’s area not Chiweshe’s.

I am the one who does all rituals for that area, and this weekend we are going to have some rituals there.

As much as we know that the area is a tourist attraction area, we would also want tourism to coexist with development,” he added.

Muzarabani residents and tourism stakeholders are against the operations of Afrochine Mine in the area.

Supported by Chief Chiweshe they are saying the existence of the mine in the mountain will affect the ecosystem.

However, according to impeccable sources within the mining company, they will fence the area in which they will do their activities so that wild animals do not tresspass.