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Reggae, Music That Moves Soul & The Mind

By Branton Matondo

Reggae, a deep Caribbean sound that is infused with an unwavering black vibe calling out to the world, You just can not resist the subtle sound from reggae lords.

It is most unfortunate that from birth, most of the youth have placed a black curtain between them and the sound from “Kingston”. Probably because of the iconism placed on “Kush or Skank”.

There is a biased notion that has rooted it self. Disciples of Reggae Roots are labeled as weed lords, bearing their pleasure in smoking and hallucinations motivated by high levels of ” Weed” smoking, so they say.

Yes, it might be so but its a lifestyle for other people, even the Colombian’s ply their precious time on cocaine and heroine. However, that is not the issue for this scribe.

Reggae roots is a binding genre, one that calls for all walks of life to beseech three cardinal principles that guide our humanity, “Love, Peace and Happiness”.

Tracks like ” Number one” by the Cool Ruler, Gregory Isaacs clearly bring out love in its purest form. The song elevates the beauty of a woman, placing her on the top. Most reggae roots tracks are so fine because they are product’s of a delicate combination of live instruments, that conjure on musical enticements and emotional appeal.

“Praise him Be” by the one and only Burning Spear has a soft jazz like touch blended with a Caribbean foundation bearing a bit of Christian gospel. Burning Spear is calling out to the whole world to “take one day off and rescue yourself, praise your God for another day”. Its sheer poetry and one can relate to the whole issue.

Reggae roots has been blinded by many youth of today, maybe its because of the emergency of trap and hip hop vibes that seem to be receiving appreciation by today’s age.

Take a time to feel the poetic anguish of Bob Marley in his song “So much trouble”, in this lyrical piece, the “Reggae Lord” calls for the whole world to take a step back and look at the rotten society that has been crippled by the incessant societal disease’s like corruption and gruesome national mis-management.

In his first verse, he notes “give a little, take a little, … miles from reality”. Its a wake up call to the general populace and those in authorities. Basically, Marley is whistle blowing, the world is now unfriendly but calls for peace and respect of human rights.

Watchdog task is common among Reggae Roots, Burning Spears ” Slavery” is a lucid portrayal of a Caribbean countryman calling for justice. Its a revelation of the origin. Black people being objectified by the white’s.

Eric Donaldson is a love Reggae poet. His songs are well vested on love and affection. Love is key among Jamaicans and it has been the case in the days of Reggae Roots.

The presence of Bunny Wailer in 70’s was key in the progression of Reggae rockers. His track “Rise and Shine” unveils a step up. Idle is poison, success requires action.

Please try reggae roots, you will not be disappointed.