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Matavire Collaborates & Releases A New Single Titled ” Verengai Magwaro

By Forward Mudengezerwa

RICHARD VELILE ,know as ” Uncle Rich ” ( 39) ,and DZIDZAI MATAVIRE (21),the daughter of the departed musical legend Paul Matavire popularly known as ” Dr.Love “, have successfully collaborated to release a new single titled ” VERENGAI MAGWARO”, with a thud in Kariba and beyond .

However,things have not been easy for Rich to put things together and release such a nerve- scratchingly soothing single ,due to financial constraints and sponsorship from the much – expected local well- wishers .Such a disenabling situation has set an impedement in way ,denying him from composing meaningful tracks for the past two years.

In 2028,he single- handedly released a single called ” LIFE IS TOO SHORT” .A song that had ushered him into the musical fraternity ,but it could not propel him to fame .Although he had taken a copy to Nyaminyami Radio station ,a presenter whom he thought would have give his track adquate playtime ,could not subsequently do so to publicise his song to the zealous fanatics .The flair for Uncle Rich ‘ s music is basically Matavire – oriented .It carries the Matavire lyrical flavour ,to be precise.

Dzidzai Matavire had come at a time she has been badly needed ,to assist Rich on the vocal part of this single,though he is talented and gifted in back- vocals when it comes to music composition.

Rich and Dzidzai are now shifting their focus to the next track they desire to unlease before the end of 2021.

Rich had been once interviewed by a certain DJ .based in Canada ,who is the young brother of ” Erick Nyte” .This is the man who has connected them to commence working together ,as upcoming artists in an endeavour to elevate each other to fame ,despite their gender .

In an interview today with a CORRESPONDANT ,at Nyamhunga Shopping Center,Uncle Rich had explain all his next musical resolution..

On ” VERENGAI MAGWARO” l feel that ,with Dzidzai Matavire ,we have done well on this production .It has really touched the hearts of many fans in and out of Kariba.

We are very ambitious to come up with another cracker before the end of 2021 and l appeal all the media houses to help me publicise music so l grow fast in the face of my contemporary upcoming artist “, said the euphoric ,Uncle Rich Velile.