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Lake Kariba ,A Sole Major Source Of Livelihood

By Forward Mudengezerwa

Lake Kariba has undoubtedly become the sole major source of the livelihood of the community of Kariba resort town.

Besides being a recreational park it is now the rescuer  of those employees who have already lost their jobs to the effects of the Covid-19 inspired lockdowns.

The effects of this pandemic have hit not only the employees but also the employers across all sectors globally.

Particularly people who had been working in the boating ,safari and hotel industry (Tourism Industry) have lost their jobs to the effects of this most feared ailment.

Others had no option but risked their salaries to be cut into half ,or else forced to resign .

However,the availability of different species of fish in the renouned mam- made Lake had taken over the livelihoods of the general populace whose hope had almost gone.

Under the Zambezi River water ,which flows through the Lake are crocodiles, prones, to mention a few other fish species.

A plathora of these species are playing a significant role in sustaining the Iives of the Karibians. Moerso ,another fish species to note is the ” prone”, which was accidentally introduced into Lake sometime before in 2013.

These prones are classified as fish and they are purely a good source protein. Although most of the fisherman hesitate to consume them,others have already started eating them.

At the Lake ,fisherman are starting to fish them for their relish even though the fishermen know that fishing as a business has also become a catastrophe to human Iife, they have ignored that reality and have taken it to be the order of day.

However ,there are other dangers that are associated with being always present at Lakeshore, the crocodile attacks which had claimed the lives of many in the past ten years.

Inspite of crocodiles being the man hunters, their meat called “sitale” by the Karibians, is also very delicious and can ease the problem of relish in many kitchens.

On the contrary ,the story of people who had lost lives to the crocodile’s jaws is still lingering in the minds of Karibians.