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Fiction Fodder By Street Writer About My Son, Job Sikhala Jnr

By Job Wiwa Sikhala

I saw a story circulating purportedly written by one named Gilbert Munetsi. The story concerns the arrest of my son Job Sikhala Jnr on purely false and stupid allegations as an attempt to provoke me to react to such assault on my family, an assault that has been taking place for a long time. They are alleging him of having murdered a thief that was killed by a mob in St. Mary’s around 2am sometime last month.

Job Sikhala Jnr is a law student and one of my most intelligent and obedient children. He is rather a role model to many. He is a quiet guy who can not even kill a fly.

The allegations are purely an attack against my family. The murder happened at a house directly opposite mine. Initial my State enemies wanted the corpse to be dropped at my doorsteps to incriminate me. We didn’t even hear about what happened that led to the death of that thief. This murder is allegedly happened around 2am when everyone was dead asleep. Those who know my house is that it is heavily secured with one of the tallest durawall and with security on 24hr guard inside and it’s locked at 7pm until the following morning. The keys to the gate are kept by myself and even my security doesn’t know how they look like because of security reasons and no one is allowed in or out the moment I lock the gate.

No one at my house knew about what happened until the following morning. I was told about the death of the thief that morning. The explanation corroborated by everyone in the neighborhood is that, when the thief pounced on my neighbor’s house, my neighbors cried out for help to catch the thief. The thief jumped into the durawall of my other neighbor where his German Shepherd dogs went for him. When he was crying for assistance, the owner of the house came out and asked the mob gathered whether the person whom they were looking for was the one who had climbed the tree on his yard.

The owner of the house, the thief jumped into, then asked the thief to move out of his yard. When he moved out, the mob attacked him severely and dispersed leaving him for dead.

The following day the story was covered by H-Metro and explained what happened that the thief became the victim of a mob attack. Neither of the alleged attackers attacked this thief. One of the alleged murderers is an Apostle of the Church. He is Apostle Wellen Mupereki. I represented him and his senile, sick sister after they sought my legal services and they were duly admitted to bail. So it is a lie that the Apostle and his sister who were victims of midnight robbery by a dangerous armed thief are in remand. This story is written from the garbage sources .

The Apostle and his sister where only arrested because they were the victims of the robbery and nothing more. The sister is ailing and very sick. She can not even hold a teaspoon without feeling its weight.

I then wonder how my son was involved. My son always travels with me on a daily basis and does part time office clerical jobs at my Law Chambers for him to learn the tools of the trade. I always go to report every Friday at St. Mary’s in fulfilment of my bail conditions with him on our way to work. I was shocked yesterday that my son was arrested when he arrived at Chitungwiza Magistrates Court for murder. I was at Rotten Row where I was fighting for my freedom against the persecution by the regime when I received the news. I was still fresh from the nonsense of the police arrest of my daughter the previous day for alleged improper wearing of the face mask, the matter they quickly dropped after mass protestation and dropped my daughter at 12am at my gate when witches were even asleep.

The attack on my family is an attempt to break my heart but it won’t work. My wife as reported several times to the police, was followed by unknown trailers. She received several messages threatening her with death and reported such to the police and nothing happened. My children have been threatened with abduction and I made this known to the police, the SA Embassy, the US Embassy, the British Embassy, the Canadian Embassy, the European Union Embassy, human rights organizations and everyone who matters.

As a lawyer I calmed down and said I will allow the law to take its course. No story based on lies should be taken seriously. How would a proper person lie that my son was on the run when he was always there in my company. Is there any police officers who ever came at my house looking for him. What kind of nonsense is this? Some funny characters publish a story without seeking the comment of my son’s lawyers. The so called police sources from St. Mary’s police station know that he is represented by legal practitioners and they could have referred their journalist to the lawyer for a comment. Many lawyers have volunteered to represent him for free and he is being represented by Freddy Michael Masarirevu and Advocate Silvester Hashiti. How idiotic it sounds that some fool says that it was ironic that I represented Apostle Wellen Mupereki and his sister. What’s ironic about representing someone alleged to have committed a crime when it is my duty as a lawyer to do so when given instructions. The story is enemy originated. There are no witnesses to the allegations. I asked the police of witness statements when I was representing the Apostle and they said they are still investigating. Today I am briefed by the lawyers of my son that they asked same and nothing was produced. What kind of a case without witnesses. Will they generate them, when? This is an attack on me and an attempt to provoke me. I am more sophisticated more than all dogs and reptiles in the system put together. They have an illusionary view of myself.

This is nothing. I am not moved. Desperation of the regime to go after my family won’t help them. I am a very difficult person. All their tricks won’t work on me. I will fight to the last drop of my blood.