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Unattended Truck Plunged Into A Shop In Kwekwe

Midlands Reporter

A loaded Splash paints truck plunged into an Indian retail shop at Kwekwe Central Business District after back paddling for a possible 50 meters.

The incident took place at around 1535 hrs at Kwekwe CBD on the 9th of October when a loaded Splash moved across the road until it crushed into an Indian owned butcher.

The driver, who was also perplexed by the incident said that he left the truck parked on an upland platform.

He was equally startled by the event but said that back brakes where disengaged a while back and suspects that this is the major cause.

This publication got in touch with passing witnesses who saw the odd event.

“The truck was simply stationery for one second but it immediately began to move slowly until it reached Essats shop.”

Another local shop owner said, “We thought that the driver was inside. It’s very rare to see such incidents happening here.”

The Indian owned shop was destructed to open and fears of looting were high.