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What New Thing Are You Bringing In The Health Sector- PHAZ

By Shingirai Vambe

The global need for more scientific researchers has increased over the years, more and more hospitals and clinics have been opened thus a wholesome approach is required to do away with fragmentation, ease of doing business and known standards set to assist in the health delivery system.

The invention or introduction of Covid and its effects globally left the healthcare sector exposed to gaps which has been growing and existent over the years.

The Private Hospitals Association of Zimbabwe held its annual conference in the resort Town of Nyanga where issues of synchronisation and integration where discussed.

In Zimbabwe majority of citizens have failed to afford healthcare services from private hospitals due to low income, lack of disposable income and savings. Majority have suffered during the covid pandemic and ended up feeling safe in their homes.

Member of the PHAZ, Dr Sacrifice Chirisa told delegates in Nyanga that there should be oneness in the pricing methodologies, working on the fragmentation of health providers to acquire and access modern equipment.

“We are not competitors but partners in the provision of healthcare services, what new things do you have before you open a facility,” asked Chirisa.

Divergence has always been cited as a tag for growth but the sprouting of new facilities has posed a huge threat in the sector having some bypassing basic requirements to have such facilities and giving patients wrong medication and treatment due to expensive cost of living and pricing models in the private hospitals, Chirisa said.

“We have not progressed neither have we improved. It’s not about the structure, what new thing are you bringing on board? We lost money when people were hospitalised and not in hospital” said Chirisa.

He further highlighted that the current status-co is pausing a future threat to the current models of hospitals and the new motivation is treating people in their homes while hospitals become museums and white elephants.

Chaiman of the Association, Timothy Goche said “It is the institution’s thrust to improve the healthcare delivery system in Zimbabwe, to manage and play critical oversight role to its members as well as assist in accessing required equipment, drugs as an association.

Goche spoke on the improvement of local supply chains and economies of scale.

“Covid came not to outclass us but it came to make us think and this is the time to do it, there are more things to be done for those who would want to do it differently” added Goche.

Jaqueline Hussein made a presentation on integrating IT solutions for health sector and where in developed countries they are already moving to robotics solution while Request Machimbira spoke of modernizing human resource practices in the medical sector.

Participants at the conference highlighted that there is a skills flight and proposed to have a system and or school for the association to train staff in the private hospitals sector.

Those who participated include: Mbuya Dorcas hospital, Baines Avenue Clinic, Hwange Collier Mine, Newavakash International, Citimed Chitungwiza Hospital, Avenues Clinic to mention just a few.

This year’s conference ran under the theme, “Shaping the future of healthcare system beyond the Covid Pandemic” and main sponsors for the event where Premier Service Medical Aid (PSMAS) Duly’s, Cimas, seasons Pharmaceuticals to mention just a few.