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Two ZNA Members Slapped With 40 Year Jail Term

Post on Sunday


Two members of the Zimbabwean National Army have been slapped with 40 year jail terms after the general court martial found them guilty of robbery.


Director Army Public Relations Colonel Alphios Makotore confirmed the courts motion in a an official statement citing that the two guilty parties were private ranked soldiers who were alleged of committing robbery mid January.



He said, “Two soldiers, members of the Zimbabwe National Army, Lance Corporal Dzimbanhete Tatenda and Trooper Munesi Wilfred were on 19 January sentenced to 40 years imprisonment each by the Zimbabwe Defence Force General Court Martial for armed robbery.”


Both parties were part of the private ranks and in still in their first trooping years.


They pled guilty to all the charges of crimes committed on the 15th of January at Surrey farm owned by Simon Arnold near Marondera.


Colonel Makotore added that the 4 decade jail term, of which five were suspended on condition of $16830 and R600 restitution is a warning and lesson to all army members that crime is not tolerated by ZNA.


“The Zimbabwe National Army does not condone cases of undiscipline and misconduct and will continue to pass deterrent sentences on any would be offenders, ” he said.