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Supertouch FC In New Gear

By Tatenda Mujeyi

A Marondera youth football Club, Supertouch F.C, has received a donation from a locally owned UK based Tourist bookings company of football kits from West Bromwich Albion and other partners.

Supertouch FC, a youth club has teams under the age of 12, 14 and 16, and has been facing viability challenges with calls for well wishers to assist.

“The club has 2 pairs of uniform at the moment. The 1st one donated by Shanyai Booking last year and this one which was donated by West Brom throughh Shanyai Bookings again.

We are looking for donations for more balls, bibs and cones.” Shanyai Bookings Director of Operations Farai Mutswunguma said.

The team is a community based project which is owned and operated by Marondera personalities, residents and former footballer’s.

“The team is owned by Mari Stephen, Mashatise Emmanuel, residents of the area, Players Ambassadors Mutsutsuma, Chikwende and former Zimbabwean star Chihuri Kenneth.” said Shanyai Bookings Zimbabwe Representative, Victor Manuwa

The company emphasised their commitment to availing equal opportunities for the Zimbabwean footballing youth and Supertouch FC to nurture national football stars.

The team plan to have a Club house for children to watch games, to have boys and girls from the age of 10.

The presence of former football greats at the donation boosted morale for the team, while showcasing their commitment to continue supporting local football and urged youth’s to shun away from drugs.

Former football legend Kenny Chihuri said, “I still continue to support youngsters in Mufakose and ever ready to develop sport nationwide. All Zimbabweans should never forget their roots, and must do their best to support grassroot sports and keep our youngsters away from the drugs.”

Shanyai Bookings is owned by UK based Zimbabwean football enthusiast, Farai Mutswunguma who is part of UK Chicken, a football academy that has created inroads while protecting youth’s for Zimbabwean football enthusiastic youth in the UK and championed sport tourism.