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Musarara Remains Unapologetic Over ED Attack

Mash-central Correspondent

Harare- Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) boss Tafadzwa Musarara has remained unapologetice over recent viral social media status in which he was dissing the country’s Head of State Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa with party officials vowing to deal with the issue.

Musarara who is the Zanu PF chairperson for Mazowe District Co-ordinating Committee (DCC) is under fire for failing to properly account for his actions amid circulating rumours that he has since been summoned to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee.

In a recent interview, a Zanu PF official who spoke to this publication revealed that the party is invoking the “green book rules” to deal with Musarara, “as a party we are guided by the constitution which is the Green book and it has specificities on how to handle different cases as they may arise,” said the official.

According to Article 10 of the Zanu PF constitution, “any member of the party who have been found guilty of any disciplinary offences prescribed by the constitution, rules and regulations, shall be liable to any one or more of the following punishments: Oral reprimand, written reprimand, a fine, suspension or removal from holding any of the offices in the party and expulsion from membership of the party” it reads.

“As a party we are taking seriously the offence that Musarara committed, he undermined the authority of the President, as one of us its unheard of to say that the country is on ‘auto pilot mode’ when the President is making frantic efforts to make sure that everything is sailing well in the country.

“These are critical times ahead of the 2023 general elections and we cannot afford having two-faced cadres in the party, we need to be sure who is for us and we walk with comrades in unity and serve one agenda as Zanu PF hence we definitely going to deal with issues like these, decisively,” said another party official.

According to reports, Zanu Pf members in the province are demanding for the head of Musarara, “the precedence was already set when Douglas Karoro got fired as Minister over sabotaging the president, equally the same we have another rotten apple which will spoil others ahead of the 2023 elections and it must be removed from the basket.

“Our province is already volatile with comrades who sell out, we are busy fighting CCC which has invaded many parts of Mash Central meaning if we are not careful with some of our leaders we may even cost the party come election time,” said a Rushinga district youth official.

Musarara touched the storm last Saturday after posting a Whatsapp status dissing Mnangagwa over failure to deal with soaring prices.
He has blamed phone hackers over the post and has since not issued an apology