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Teanet rises

By Stephen Ephraem

The legacy of the late South African disco king, Peta Teanet is now alive. The legendary musician-producer who was nicknamed “King of Shangaan Disco” rocked the music scene in Southern Africa from the late 1980s into mid 1990s when he was slain by a stray bullet in 1996 in Limpopo, South Africa. Peta had hoards of fans in Zimbabwe, especially in the Southern, Western and Eastern regions.

Peta Teanet’s artistry is reborn in his two sons, Richie and C Boy Teanet. Post On Sunday’s Steve Ephraem (SE) took time to speak to the duo that goes by the name Rise Teanet (RT) from their base in South Africa.

SE: When were you born?

RT: Richie Teanet was born in July 27, 1995 and C Boy Teanet was born on September 15 1996.

SE: When did you start your music career?

RT: We started at a very young age when we used empty containers to make drums and compose. Richie started playing instruments at church from 2007 (drums, keyboard, bass guitar, acoustic and lead guitar) while C Boy was a rapper and soccer player where he reached second division with Winners Park FC. It was in 2017 that we started our duo group we named RISE TEANET.

SE: Do you have any other job apart from music.

RT: No. We are full time musicians.
SE: Which languages do you use?

RT: Sepedi (Khelobedu), Tsonga and English.

SE: Which genre(s) do you play?

RT: Bolo house, Disco & Hip hop.

SE: How many songs do you have and who is your producer?

RT: We have 16 songs and the producer is Richie Teanet.

SE: Which is your hit song?

RT: Nunu which we featured King Monada.

SE: Do you have any videos on YouTube?

RT: We have 2 of them; Nunu (Richie Teanet & C Boy Teanet ft King Monada) and Matshidiso (Richie Teanet & C Boy Teanet ft Janisto)

SE: Being sons of a legend, how is impacting your music career?

RT: It gives us huge pressure. We are happy that we are working with a well-motivated management team. We making our father’s fans understand that we are not trying to be him but what we do is to add value to the legacy he created so that it goes on from generation to generation.

SE: Do you have anything in store for Peta Teanet fans in Zimbabwe?

RT: Yes, we do have. Firstly, we ask them to recognize our existence and support us like they did to our father. Secondly, we are free to make a song with legends such as Jah Prayaz and Winky D to give them Peta Teanet vibes in a Zimbabwean style. Fans have power to make such collaborations happen. We wish they can make a platform for us to come and entertain them in Zimbabwe. Big shout out to them, much love to fans in Zimbabwe fans. They can follow us on our Facebook page: RISE TEANET LEGACY (duo page), RICHIE TEANET THE HIT MACHINE (for Richie Teanet) and C BOY TEANET (for C Boy Teanet).

SE: Any last words?

RT: We want to appreciate our parents, Peta Teanet and Vuyelwa. Special mention goes to King Monada, DJ Tira, Jah Prayaz, Winky D and the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi. To Wiz Khalifa and ED Sheeran, you are our number 1 international icons.

SE: Thanks Richie and C Boy for the wonderful interview.

RT: Thank bro. You are a darling.