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Misconception On The Use Of Contraceptive

By Prisca Munyiwa

Torwood women in Kwekwe district got access to free family planning services and Sexual Reproductive Health Services at Torwood hall on Friday at the commemoration of the contraception and the international Safe Abortion day.

During the event, young women and girls expressed lack of knowledge on recommended family planning methods through expression of different family planning misconseptions.

Majority of women have had challenges and experienced different effects from the various contraceptive methods which they shared and decided to use in their circles.

Majority have been let down one way or the other but the use of contraceptives has helped on the management and upkeep of families across the globe.

Some women shared their experiences to this publication on the day and said their husbands also needed to be educated about contraceptive while other cited on the negative effect which at time may not respond well and one may also fall pregnant even after taking or using a contraceptive.

“I heard that family planning pills reduces a woman’s appetite for sex for I want to know if that is true and how that can be solved, ” added one Chipo Ncube.

In response to the misconceptions, Ministry of Health and Child Care nurse Praise Kangaise, disputed and urged women to approach their nearest clinics whenever they face challenges with the family planning methods. Women were also urged to shun from backyard abortions as they lead to serious health complications and death.

During the same occasion Katswe Sistahood representative in Kwekwe district Chengetai Chininga urged young women and girls to know their rights so that they will not be used and get infected with Sexually transmitted infections or get unwanted pregnancies.

“As Katswe Sistahood we want women to be fully empowered with skills so that they can be self sustaining and we want young women to know their rights so that they will not be abused and get infected with STIs,” said Chininga.

Furthermore, Chininga urged women to get access to Sexual Reproductive Health Services to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

“I encourage everyone here to get the family planning services that are being offered here for free and also get tested for HIV so that you know your status.

” We also have cervical cancer screening services (Viac) being offered for free,” said Chininga.

The commemorations were facilitated by the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Small and Medium Enterprises Development in partnership with Katswe Sistahood, National AIDS Council and other stakeholders.