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Murehwa Man Murders wife, Administers Poison To Conceal The Evidence

By Alice Umali

POLICE in Mashonaland East Province have arrested a man from Murehwa who allegedly killed his wife before administering an unknown poisonous substance into her to conceal the gruesome murder.

Police Spokesperson for Mashonaland East Province Simon Chazovachi confirmed the incident.

On 11 March Unganai Mumhanzi (37) from Gavaza Village under Chief Mangwende Murewa made a police report that his wife Ellen Mazhero (32) had committed suicide following an extra marital misunderstanding between the two.

It is alleged that Mazhero was accusing Mumhanzi of having an extra marital affair who reacted by fatally assaulting her.

After assaulting his wife, it is alleged that Mumhanzi discovered that she was severely injured and rushed to a neighbour to seek help and transport her to the hospital.

When he came back from the neighbour’s house, he discovered that his wife had died.

It is reported that Mumhanzi then proceeded to administer an unknown poisonous substance on his wife and proceeded to make a report to the police that his wife had committed suicide.

“After making a report, officers from Musami police post attended the scene accompanied by Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officers from Murehwa.

“They inspected the body and discovered that the neck was swollen showing signs of strangulation, her eyelids were swollen and also her left cheek. She had some bruises on her stomach suggesting that she was assaulted.

“Blood stains were also discovered on her closed in the bedroom. The husband was immediately arrested.

The body was conveyed to Murewa hospital mortuary waiting for postmortem.

Inspector Chazovachiyi said while in police custody the husband was interviewed and admitted that he had killed his wife by strangling her and administered an identified poisonous substance to cover up for murder.

He said investigations into this issue are in progress and urged the public to respect the sanctity of life.

“We are appealing to the public to value human life, love does not kill or hurt. Where there are marital differences let us seek counselling from trusted relatives, community and church leaders or simply go to the police victim friendly unit that are at every police station, so that our differences can be ironed out.

He also said, “when making a report to the police, it is an offence to make a false report knowing it to be false,”