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ZAPU Nod, Ready For 2023 Election

By Own Correspondent

As the 2023 elections beckon ZAPU has reported that the party is ready for the polls. The party has fielded candidates in 6 provinces namely Matebeleland North , Matebeleland South , Bulawayo, Manicaland & Midlands.

Though the party did not succeed in fielding candidates in all corners of the country , it has fielded a significant number making it part of the 2023 opposition contingent seeking to represent the people of Zimbabwe. Given the exorbitant fees charged by ZEC for participating in the 2023 elections , it is worthy to note that this party has refused to be extinguished and will definitely be a player in the Zimbabwean political landscape before , during and after the elections. The party’s perception and views about the 2023 elections will go a long way in either legitimatising or rejecting the election outcome. ZAPU has fielded eighty eight councillors and eighteen MPs accross the above mentioned provinces. This makes the party the second best from Citizen Coalition For Change in terms of fielding candidates for the 2023 elections.

ZAPU has candidates whose names will appear on the ballot in 1186 polling stations. The party has proposed to field at least 2 election agents in these polling stations. Altogether the party is poised to field 2372 polling agents. When asked whether the party was going to have its own parallel tabulation system , ZAPU National Spokesperson Mso Ndlovu responded to the press by saying “We’re busy coordinating a training program for all our agents on how to effectively collect, tabulate and secure the results. We will communicate with the media the dates of these training workshops. ZAPU will provide agents even in areas we may not be contesting in order to protect the votes of other opposition candidates who may not have candidates there. This is in line with our values of empathy and solidarity “.

The party which has recently reorganised will battle for votes against the ruling Zanu PF ,Citizen Coalition For Change , MRP and other parties which have fielded mostly in Matebeleland and Bulawayo Provinces.

When asked that since ZAPU is not fielding a presidential candidate , are they likely to endorse any amongst the nominated presidential candidates? The party Spokesperson Mso Ndlovu responded by saying that there is indeed a possibility , but it must be clear that ZAPU is one of the parties with a manifesto for these elections. The party’s decision on which candidate (if any) to support will be based on commonality of issues as raised in the party’s manifesto.

It therefore remains to be seen whether ZAPU will make any inroads in this election. The elections are going to be held on 23 August 2023.