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Single lion standing proudly on a small hill

Hallucinations Or Spiritual?- 3 Lions Appear In Rusape

By Shingirai Vambe

Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife confirmed receiving news that two lions where seen in Magamba suburb of Rusape yesterday afternoon, but dispatched rangers found nothing at the scene and around the said place.

Later in the evening, residents again confirmed seeing and running away from the wild animals now with the third little lion at the same place and area which most religious sects visit to worship.

Magamba is still developing and from the nearby mountain and caves is the place where these lions were seen. In an effort to gather information about this life threating yet exciting moment coming across such wildlife species, the mysterious event has taken a lot of interpretations.

After rangers saw nothing but foot prints at the scene, African Tradition and Culture, may interpret the incident as spiritual.

Lions are described as owners of the land, and very spiritual, when seen at an uncommon place and not in the game park, religious sects define it is a sign of bringing peace, relief and sanity in the country or area.

Not relating to the N’angu incident in Chimanimani, where people from the apostolic church were accused of getting into the N’angu caves where there were handmade and crafted pots which they tempered with, it is believed people who came across these lions yesterday were hallucinating and it is spiritual.

Another source, told this publication that the lions are seen once in a while and yesterday after they appeared, Rusape experienced some rains.

Chief Makoni, Simbayi Cogen Gwasira told the Post On Sunday Newspaper that the lions are real, and it is because of the challenges and fights against the Makoni kingdom.

IMhondoro yaMakoni, iripo kuchengetedza vana vachingaira. Hondo nekushungurudzwa kurikuitwa Makoni, Ndiko kwaita Mhondoro dzionekwe. (These are the spiritual mediums of Makoni, to protect the children of Makoni clan).

Some section of the society has vehemently dismissed the news that has gone viral and said maybe another type of animal, not lions, because of the size of the footprint.

Meanwhile, a group of people, women known as Manjuzu, those possessed with maimed spirit are allegedly said to be frequenting the cemetery and Rusape river for their spiritual appeasing process. Unconfirmed reports claim vehicles are seen parked at the cemetery at night and it has raised eyebrows of residents staying near the area.