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Heroes Day, Time To Remember And Plan Forward

By Branton Matondo

Women movement LEAD celebrated national heroes by remembering the gallant daughters and sons of the soil that made this nation a black possibility.

Leadership Economist Afrikans Democrats (LEAD) President Linda Masarira in an official statement said that this years heroes celebrations should be held with a prospective mind of a future controlled by the youths.

“It is imperative to recognize that there is need for the youths of this generation to father the nation today and not tomorrow. The liberators of this country were young girls and boys yet 41 years after independence the youth of this country remain marginalized without equal opportunities to create wealth.

“We recognize the significance of the liberation struggle and the contributions of the war veterans who waged it. LEAD is not ignorant of the reasons that drove many gallant sons and daughters of the soil into various jungles to fight exclusion, oppression and repression to ensure a free Democratic sovereign state,” said Masarira.

This years heroes day celebration were different to the usual celebration due to the lockdown procedures. Masarira added that as heroes day commemorations should date back to the constitution and what it stipulates in determine the various freedoms and fundamentals of Zimbabweans.

“We recognize the founding values and principles of Zimbabwe in reference to section 3 of our constitution. We, the disciplined members of LEAD pledge to fight to safeguard the gains of the liberation struggle and to ensure that Zimbabwe becomes an egalitarian society.

“It is important for all Zimbabweans to pledge to uphold and defend the supremacy of the constitution of Zimbabwe. As we commemorate this day, we should understand that there should be room for the youth in national discourse as directed by section 20 of our constitution and that there should be social mobility in this land of our ancestors. Our fathers fought for this country so that we can enjoy; therefore, we should enjoy,” added Masarira.