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Genocide In Zim Schools

Midlands Correspondent

Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe Secretary General, Tafara Zhou has labeled the opening of school as genocidal because of lack of proper Covid-19 protection response.

Zhou told Post On Sunday that the opening of schools after a long closure was not the best especially when government has failed to provide for both, teachers and pupil protection against the variant and challenges to go to and from their station because of lack of transport money and vaccination.

“Schools are running out of testing kits and already over 100 students have tested positive with reports that some schools have closed after they had just been given a directive to open”

The government of Zimbabwe has since introduced a no work salary policy, urging their members on the public service to get vaccinated or stay at home until they comply to the government directive.

The new move has forced majority of them to get the vaccine even though cases are being recorded daily.

Another Union, Amalgamated Rural Teachers Union of Zimbabwe Secretary, Robson Chere said the government is not organised and worry of schools in the rural areas of likely to spread the virus because of lack of PPEs.

“Enough funding should be availed for schools to open, some schools are forced to open but they don’t have running water having some using toilet flush system” Chere said.

Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Edgar Moyo told Parliament that the what has happened in terms of COVID-19 cases that have been found in the schools is largely a manifestation of community infections which have surfaced when schools opened and when screening was being conducted in the schools.

Mat South Legislator, Sipho Mokone asked if there was any measure in place to protect children from the virus.

“What new measures are there to make sure that our children are protected in schools” Mokone asked.

However, those who have been found to be infected have been isolated and are under the care of the Ministry of Health. Those not infected, we have to ensure proper wearing of masks, sanitization, social distancing and everything that goes with protecting our learners. Said the deputy minister.

Unions are appealing to the government to test 140 ooo teachers in Zimbabwe and more than 5 million pupils in Zimbabwe.