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21 Year Old Cosmetologist Dreams Big

By Martha Leboho

Art is emotion and it is displayed in many ways. Makeup artists in Zimbabwe have been ailing and limping as the industry was obstacled by the unfortunate duo of economic hardships and Covid 19 rampage.

For one Monica Emmaculate Madhuyu only 21 being a make up artist is history, present and future and the above mentioned obstacles have not only invigorated her ambitions but also nourished her hope.

Having grown at Mucheke D in Mas Vegas A.k.a Masvingo Madhuyu began to hunt for her passion, makeup artistry at such a tender age.
Ambitions build success and for Madhuyu prosperity is already manifesting.

She already has her own company under the name “Im’ma makeup gallery’ after receiving inspiration from Ruby Lyn and Loice, two name changing cosmetologists.

Having a traditional and classic mother in the mix it was always a challenge when she was pursuing her passion.

“My mother always wanted me to pursue my studies but I chose to become a make up artist. It was difficult to convince them but I later got her full support. I had no tools and to consider that i had not trained for cosmetology this also affected some of my work, ” said Madhuyu.

She narrated with an odd laugh Madhuyu an awkward incident when she was still footing her career in cosmetology.

“I remember at one time, some lady took a picture of my work and collaged it with Loyce’s work and she told me to chill and leave the industry since my work was a miserable art. It really got to my heart but I did not give up, it made me stronger” she added.

Her ultimate dream is to become a household cosmetologist in Masvingo and host local and regional celebrities in her palours.

“I dream of owning one of the best beauty parlours in Masvingo, with my branded products, and a branded company automobiles.
I hope to do make up on Zimbabwe’s popular celebrities like Madam Boss and Mai Titi,” she added.

At only 21 her dreams are gaining momentum and she urges other prospective cosmetologists to keep up and not give up.

“To all the upcoming makeup artist I urge you to follow your dream and not to give up.

You should acquire exquisite skills as the industry is very competitive and art is all about your skills” said Madhuyu.