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Tongai Tarubona Releases His13th Album

By Desire Tshuma

Afro fusion legend Tongai Tarubona Chirandu has released his thirteenth album and two videos from singles called ,Ziso Rinoparira and Chinemanenji.


The six track album has a title track called, Kakatanai followed by Touch line, Hondo dzemhepo, Mutoriro nemujolo and Hama dzako.


On the first song, Kakatanai the message encourages people to help each other regardless of colour, culture, family name. It is a song about unity.

Touchline, talks about the reason why some women go to night spots for the purpose of selling sex, It is not all women who like going for prostitution, some of the mature go there as the last option in trying to raise children especially when her husband dies ,explains Tarubona.


Hondo Dzemhepo is a song Tarubona dedicated to her daughter who is facing spiritual attacts. By faith or ancestors my daughter shall be healed from this spiritual attack, he said with tears in his eyes.


Makwerekwere, was released and it talks about Zimbabweans who are being denied permits renewals in by South Africa government . They call Zimbbweans as Makwerekwere.

It is of a woman and her husband in South Africa, the wife begging her husban to leave that land and look for other greener pastures in other countries.

Hama Dzako, is a song that advises parents to teach children that relatives go beyond their biological family setup, your relative is your relative show them love.

The last song ,Mutoriro ne Mujolo, is about drug and substance abuse. it talk about someone who abuses drugs, enjoying men or women and later in life he or she regrets time wasted which can not be reversed.


On his two videos, they are from singles Ziso Rinoparira and Chinemanenji and both of them are already on youtube.

“I will launch this new album live on radio and i’m promising my fans another album very soon as i have over thirty songs that i have recorded from 2019 but did not release them due to some cirumstances and COVID19, concluded Tongai Tarubona.