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New Film Series Launched In Harare

By Stella Madzivanyika

Harare residents were in cloud nine following a successful launch of an international standard film series called “Ngoda Session 1” at Afrotipia last Friday.

Speaking during the official launch ceremony, the executive director, writer and producer of the series, Takudzwa Kahwiti Duncan said Ngoda Session 1 is a fulfillment of his childhood dream, funded from his personal coffers.

“I’m very proud of this film, NGODA SESSION 1 because it’s something that l started dreaming about long back at a very tender age,” said Kahwiti.

Kahwiti who is also popularly known as TK Dunken by a legion of his followers, said that the main theme of the new film series focuses on a diamond heist which goes wrong and a lot of realities and social ills that affect ordinary people in their everyday lives.

Ngoda Session 1 is a collection of five series and it featured more than 120 characters. The film includes six different languages such as Zulu, Ndebele, Shona, English and sign language.

According to Kahwiti, Ngoda Session 1 is the first international series to be produced on Zimbabwean soil.

Each episode of the film is at least 48 minutes long.

Ngoda Session 1 official screening ceremony was attended by several celebrities including T Gonzi, Leo Magoz, Ghost and. DJ Simplex.