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By Tariro Kambeu

City of Harare Matapi children’s park has been officially opened with the help of Teamup2 cleanup Mbare to create safe spaces to learn and play .

The meeting which was held at Matererini Grounds included stake holders from city of Harare,Delta beverages and Oxfam who have donated more on this project for children to play on a safer environment.

The representative of the Ministry of Youths,culture and recreation ,Harare provincial coordinator Mrs Nomsa Mpofu Moyo said the cleanup 2 Mbare had fufiled the ministry’s Mandate to provide recreational facilities to less privileged communities.

“Smart partnerships with stakeholders made this a success;this clearly outlined in the National development Strategy volume one launched recently by the government”,said Mrs Nomsa.

She said ,this was a step forward towards vision 2030 accomplishments.

“The youth have a large percentage in the society hence it was their task to meet some of the community obligations”,she added.

She went on to state that ;”this had created employment opportunities and government was going to support them all the way and residents must remain peaceful for attaining community goals”.

Yemurai Tawabarira Teamup2 clean Mbare project coordinator said,”the project was important since it provided a clean heaven like environment for children to play”.

“The project was brought about by increasing litter around Mbare area ,it was the National cleanup by HE cde ED Mnangangwa that also brought about their vision”said Yemurai.

Vengai Maringa who represented Matapi District Officer thanked the Youths that take environmental issues seriously and various stakeholders for supporting the event.

“The children play park was a great method to make young people not to indulge in drug abuse,the project was inline with the government vision of achieving a world class city status by 2030”,said Maringa.

Representative of Mbare constituency member of parliament Hon Starman Chamisa thanked the Roman Catholic church for helping the Teamup2 Mbare youth realise their dream.

“Mbare was a black spot for all various negative things but this project will help the community to think about Mbare positively; people should put aside political sides and teamup to clean the environment”,said Anesu.

He also said most Youths turn to drug abuse due to lack of mentorship, he thanked the youth for turning the dump site into beauty.

Lastly he encouraged the whole community to take a leading role on protecting the property and acts of vandalism and he encouraged the people to take the covid pandemic seriously.

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