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Council Pumps Out 40tones Of Sand From Sewer Every Month

By Martha Leboho.

Waste Water Superintendent  for Masvingo City, Innocent Munhazu said Council is removing 40 tones of silt from sewer every month where as the design of sewer system was designed to receive 3 tones per month.

He said this has caused the and corrosion of the sawer pipes wear out before their expected period of use which may cost council a lot of money to replace.

He said this is a result of power outages being experienced in the province.

” When we do our sludging exercise of removing inorganic mater from organic mater, our sewer system plant was designed to receive 3 tones per month, but currently we are removing 40tones of grit from sewer every month.

It is due to power outage that residents have no choice but to resort to many sources of power and when washing dishes they use sand and vim and then it is deposited in the gullies together with sewer thereby causing rapid wear and corrosion of pumping elements since it was designed to pump inogarnic matter not sand” said Munhazu.

Rujeko sewer system receives sewer from Rujeko community, part of Mucheke surbub and Masvingo CBD.