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Government Avails 10ha Landfill For Masvingo City Council

Staff Reporter

Statutory Instrument 6 of 2007 came to effect on January 1 2013 that all local authorities should have a standard requirement of sanitary and landfills, and from this date it became punishable not to have a landfill for waste disposal.
So was the case in Masvingo for years now, having waste not being managed well with residents of a fast growing suburb of Victoria Range complaining of flies, air pollution and scavengers.

Environmental Management Agency (EMA), Public Relations Officer, Amelka Sidange told Post ON Sunday that their organization has been working with Local Authorities on the issue of waste management in their respective provinces and Districts.

“EMA after realizing challenges being faced by several local authorities such as land and funding did not decide to remain strict on enforcing the law only by simply prosecuting local authorities, but chose to save the environment from further damages.”

Amelka Sidange: EMA Public Relations Officer

“Advise to Local Authorities is to adopt and adapt best practices in waste management that hinge on waste minimization through promoting waste separation at source by waste generators, material recovery and promote recycling, thus supporting the circular economy which impress on resource efficiency and waste minimization” Sidange said.

Speaking during the Media Tour, Masvingo City Council Mayor, His Worship, Collen Maboke said they have been allocated land which is far away from residents.

“We are glad that the land we applied for is far away from residents, this will help avoid conflicts with residents which is good for their health which was under threat by air pollution”

We are going to find a short route to access the landfill so that refuse will not cost much on our rate payers” Maboke said.

Environmental Education and Public Officer, Brian Makani said the landfill is designed in a manner that is not health hazard and waste will be graded and recycled.
“Companies and individuals interested in collecting waste for recycling will get permission from the Council” he said.

This identified and availed land for Masvingo City Council is located in Cambil farm, 12km away from the City Centre and is 10 hacters big, 3.5m depth with a life line of 15 months.