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The Premeditated Arrest And Release Of Chaburumunda

Staff Reporter

Zimbabwe National Students Union (Zinasu) 6 arrested students have spent over a month in remand for demonstrating, requesting the release of Zengeza West legislator and Citizen Coalition for Change senior member, Job Sikhala, Zinasu Secretary General, Gamuchirai Chaburubunda was released on condition.

This publication, The Post On Sunday is reliably informed that her arrest was premeditated despite her not participating in the demonstration and she was released on bail with condition that she report daily at the nearest police station.

Before her arrest, a call was made that she was going to be taken, regardless of her not committing the crime. And a condition was set that she does not get representation from Human Rights Lawyers or says anything negative or speak to the media about her arrest, stay in remand and experience behind bars.

Efforts by this publication to reach her were fruitless.

The call and conditions are said to be coming from state security. According to source, the remaining 5 will be released after election August 23 2023. Human rights lawyer, Obey Shava was recently attacked and is battling for his life in hospital with his two broken legs for reasons that he represent political activist suffering state capture.

Cases of tension and conflicts ahead of the election are on the rise, ZANU PF ruling party being the major perpetrator.

Earlier, The International and local observers reported a peaceful campaign but raised concerns about the election’s overall conduct and integrity. Southern African Development Community and European Union observers noted challenges including parties having difficulty accessing voter rolls, progovernment bias by state media, contested postal voting, the denial of the diaspora’s right to vote, reports of assisted voting, and intimidation meant to aid ZANU-PF.