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Sibanda Pens Book On Mujuru’s Death

By Martha Leboho.

Outspoken Zimbabwe People First (ZIMPF) Youth League leader, Darlington Tawanda Sibanda is set to launch his first book on the death of Solomon “Rex” Mujuru.

The book duped ‘Conspiracy – Winds Of Change’ will be virtually launched on the 15th of April in Johannesburg, South Africa, will be live streamed on the Facebook page @Conspiracy263.

The book will be made available on the website, on Amazon and other leading online stores.

Set on a fiction modern city in present day Zimbabwe, the book is a thrilling journey that follows a son’s quest to uncover the mysterious death of his father. Set against a political background the story unravels a tug of war between two political powerhouses aiming at claiming the presidential hot seat.

Solomon Mujuru, seated next to the late founder of the Movement for Democratic Change, Morgan Tsvangirai

“The book is not on the death of the late Retired General Solomon Mujuru, it’s a work of fiction inspired by a real life individual who died under a mysterious circumstances”

“Many Zimbabweans and people from across the world I believe find it hard to come to terms with the manner in which he passed so I tried to dramatize it in a way which embraces his heroics in the struggle for independence by depicting his death in a respectable way and just to say he never died but he multiplied” said Sibanda.

Taken 3 years to complete his book, like any other writer Sibanda has faced challenges of strict censorship in publishing his work.

“We are not free to write or purposefully express ourselves. Zimbabwe has very rich and interesting untold stories that most writers are afraid to tell and also funding and sponsorship is a big challenge” he said.

Darlington Sibanda

Sibanda is currently working on a new project of a mini-series based on this book, and another script duped ‘Conspiracy – Sins Of The father’.

Born and bred in Hwange, the 31year-old man urged writers to stay relevant and push harder than everyone else.

A graduate in Humanitarian work with University of Zimbabwe School Of Social Work. He is currently the Acting CEO of Eyethu Investment Holdings a South African based family run investment holdings company with interests in impactful industries, including connectivity, media and television broadcasting, mobile app developments, mobile game developments, other software system developments and related technologies.